old twitter extension chrome

Old twitter extension chrome

You might be one of the people that actually like the new Twitter layout, but chances are you want the old, familiar feed back. Twitter used to let you choose between the two but now the redesign has been foisted upon everyone, like a drunk uncle at a wedding.

Take the power back with the handy GoodTwitter Chrome extension, which gives you the uncluttered old Twitter UI back again. The new Twitter redesign seems to have just added more buttons to press, rather than do anything about the stupid amount of wasted space your Twitter feed takes up on a screen.

What do you think? Do you like the new Twitter design or do you plan on downloading this Chrome extension? Maker, meme-r and unabashed geek. Hardware guy here at KnowTechie, if it runs on electricity or even if it doesn't I probably have one around here somewhere.

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Facebook Games, the thing you probably never used, is leaving Facebook Messenger.Twitter has completely shifted to the new design for its web aka desktop interface. The company has been testing the redesigned user interface for months now. However, until now users had the option to switch to Legacy Twitter in case they preferred the old layout.

Following the recent update, the old design has been phased out and there is no option for desktop users to go back to old Twitter.

Those concerned about privacy should note that it only changes the user agent when you visit twitter. To install GoodTwittersimply add it to your web browser just like any other addon. After installing, open twitter. You need to use this hotkey shortcut only once as Twitter will remember the change. Those using Edge Chromium need to install the extension available for Chrome. Just make sure to allow extensions from other stores to add it on Microsoft Edge browser.

This is probably the easiest and quickest way to go back to the old design. Speaking of new Twitter.

Hate new Twitter? Get the old interface back with these hacks.

Compared to the older version, it lets you add and access your bookmarksswitch accounts, and also includes a new dark mode. Similar to the mobile app, there is a setting to switch between latest and top tweets in new Twitter. Via Reddit.

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Good Twitter now requires the permission to read your browsing history. Below is developer explanation on why it needs such permission and why you should not worry about the same. If you install the add-on there will be a warning that it can read your browsing history. It needs the permission to clean the cache for twitter after installing. Meanwhile, those using Brave browser can use GoodTwitter extension for Chrome to get back to old Twitter.

Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. Changing the user agent string can still, thankfully, get back to the old interface without having to install any Add-ons!. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Google Android Chrome. Twitter Dark Mode OnePlus. Facebook Messenger Security.People absolutely hate the new Twitter interface.

After nearly a year of testing the updated desktop design, which allowed Twitter users to switch back to the old Twitter UI, the new Twitter is now the default Twitter. But, there are workarounds. If the new Twitter design is bad, then the old one must be Good Twitter, right? Twitter user ZusorOW has developed a browser extension, GoodTwitter, for both Chrome and Firefox that automatically loads the old site design when users visit the website.

Does Twitter’s new design make you grumpy? Use this extension to turn back time

Mashable has tested it. It works! Simply download and install the extension for the correct browser. When a user goes to Twitter. The code has also been made open source and GoodTwitter says it's not collecting any user data.

You can also skip half of those steps, being a Mashable reader, because we'll provide you with a direct link to the Twitter directory here. Mashable tested this method too.

Both methods may also require users to clear out their cache or refresh their browser for it to work. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more.

old twitter extension chrome

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The changes are obvious the moment you look at the new UI. The modest command menu that was previously across the top of the page has now been moved to the left of the feed, with startlingly large lettering. The column showing trends that was on the left of the fed is now on the right, while the small profiles box on the upper left corner that showed your tweets and following counts is nowhere to be seen.

To get that data, you now have to go to your profile page. There are a few ways at least, for now to return to the old Twitter look. An extension called GoodTwitter, contributed by Zusor, can effectively revert your Twitter interface back to a more old-fashioned look.

It is available for both Chrome and Firefox. The line will be added to the other commands listed on the page. Twitter will be back to its old new self. Just open Twitter and follow this sequence of commands:. One more thing to keep in mind: Twitter could break any one of these at any time, so these fixes might just be part of a temporary reprieve.

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How to Switch Back to the Old Twitter Layout

Fortnite Game of Thrones Books. Comics Music. Filed under: Apps How-to Reviews. How to get the old Twitter web interface back New, 6 comments. Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email.

Try GoodTwitter An extension called GoodTwitter, contributed by Zusor, can effectively revert your Twitter interface back to a more old-fashioned look.Twitter for desktop now looks a bit more like the Twitter app — but not everyone is in love with the new design.

As an OpenSource extension, the free download adjusts browser requests so that, on FirefoxTwitter looks like the more familiar social network. The extension, created by user Zusor, is already in version 1. It also fixes a few bugs from the original extension, including the inability to copy and paste.

The extension now has a 4. The redesign also brings Explore from the mobile app to desktop, along with the bookmark option. One of the most anticipated updates, however, launched without replacing the old option — the new black background dark mode joins the option for the dark blue background inside the settings, rather than replacing the old dark mode.

From the Settings and Privacy menu now tucked under More on the left of the home screenclick on About Twitter and then Directory. Or, you can bookmark the direct link to the directory.

old twitter extension chrome

After accessing the Directoryheading back to the home page will reload to look like the old Twitter. Thank you, Twitter, for a redesign that makes it easier for me to read bookstend my garden, and revive the lost art of conversation. NewTwitter newtwitterdesign. Critics of the redesign say that the biggest part of Twitter — the feed — takes up less, space while the left-hand navigation bar is too big.

Others are pointing out that the design feels similar to Facebook. And like with every redesign, others are frustrated over needing to learn where all the features are now located. At the launch, Twitter said that, along with adding new features, the updated desktop design would help increase speed, while also allowing for new features to roll out faster.

The update is the first major design change to the desktop version of the platform in seven years. The best Mac apps for 15 hours ago.

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The British chemical company is now venturing…. To ensure that it remains ahead…. On 15 July, Twitter experienced a massive hack that affected multiple major accounts and shared out a Bitcoin scam to millions of users.

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old twitter extension chrome

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Learn more via our Privacy Policy.Twitter has started rolling out its new design and user interface to users all over the world. Unfortunately, whether its because they don't like change or the new interface requires more clicks to perform various functions, people are not happy with the new look. If the new interface has been rolled out to your account and you are not happy with it, you will be happy to learn that there is a trick that can get you back to the old version.

To switch back to the old Twitter interface, you simply need to delete that cookie. If that doesn't work for you, another option is to change your user agent while on Twitter to the one used by Internet Explorer There are two methods that have worked in the past to switch back to the old Twitter layout. The first method is the easiest as it just requires you to delete a cookie, but it is not reliable and users have reported it does not work anymore. The other method that I tested and that still works is to change your browser's user agent to the one used by Internet Explorer As IE 11 does not support Twitter's new interface, the will give you the old instead.

A method that continues to work is to change the browser's useragent string to the one used by Internet Explorer 11 when using Twitter. As Twitter's new layout does not support Internet Explorer 11, they switch you to old the layout. To do this, you need a browser extension that will switch the useragent based on a domain. As long as this extension is enabled, it will automatically switch your useragent when on Twitter.

In the following steps we will use the EditThisCookie extension for Chrome, but Firefox users can also use the Cookie Manager extension. It should be noted that as this is a staged rollout, you are able to continue using the older interface. It will probably come to a time where this will no longer work and everyone gets the new template.

How to get the old Twitter layout back if you hate the new one. Scammers hacked Twitter and hijacked accounts using admin tool. Apple, Kanye, Gates, Bezos, more hacked in Twitter account crypto scam. Why certain characters "glitch" Gmail, YouTube, and Twitter. Twitter discloses billing info leak after 'data security incident'. Using Opera.

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